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Blackberry Red Light Blink Problem

Solution for Red Light LED Blinks.

LED blinking is just like morse : 1 = blink 0 = off

here is the meaning

1 1 Not a bootrom error: the OS is resetting during init!
3 11 No OS Loaded (*Tip: reload MFI)
5 101 Bad OS CRC
7 111 Missing OS CRC
11 1011 Missing OS Trailer
13 1101 OS Not Signed
15 1111 OS Signature Invalid (*Tip: verify failure by loading software and let sit with no battery for approximately one hour, if it boots up it’s fine; if it comes back with another BootRom Error, try replacing the flash)
21 10101 Unknown Flash Manufacturer
23 10111 Flash Initialization Problem (*Tip: try replacing flash)
27 11011 Flash Erase Failure (*Tip: try replacing flash)
29 11101 Flash Operation Out Of Range
31 11111 Bad Bootrom CRC (*Tip: try replacing flash)
43 101011 USB Driver Error
45 101101 No Bootrom CRC
47 101111 Flash Write Failure (*Tip: try replacing flash)
53 110101 Invalid Memory Configuration Table
55 110111 Password Not Initiated
59 111011 RAM Initialization Problem (*Tip: try replacing flash)
61 111101 Cache No Pages Free
63 111111 Cache Invalid Page Type
85 1010101 Random Number Failure
87 1010111 OSStore Failure
91 1011011 Security Init Failure
93 1011101 NAND failure
95 1011111 General Assert Failure
107 1101011 GPIO failure
109 1101101 Runtime library failure
111 1101111 Exception: undefined isntruction
117 1110101 Exception: SWI
119 1110111 Exception: Prefetch Abor
123 1111011 Exception: Data Abort
125 1111101 Exception: Reserved
127 1111111 Exception: IRQ
171 10101011 Exception: FIQ

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8 Responses to Blackberry Red Light Blink Problem

  1. katie says:

    So if it blinks once, but continually with like 20 seconds in between, and its not email, missed call or coverage, does if fall in the first category bc its continual untill I reboot?

  2. isu says:

    i have my bb new error 209 what s this

  3. shamik says:

    hi ,i ve bb curve 8520 and all of a sudden it shows me 523 error reset plz can u tell me wat am i to do

  4. Sivanand says:

    this blinking ratel is not mentioned

  5. Suved says:

    My Blackberry bold 9000 doesn’t turn on…..whenever i put battery inside it, the red LED blinks approx 4 times and it blinks continuously in every couple of seconds…I need ur help plz tell me the problem.,,what is the problem and and how it will be fix.


  6. mirza says:

    my blackberry 9700 is having 11011 problem. the thing is after getting it repaired (replacing flash etc) it works for a day and again goes back to the same problem. flashing has been done more than 10-15 times,wipe,memory card formatted. can u tell me what the problem is because everything else is fine with the phone once it starts working (hardware etc)

  7. ali says:

    pls give me 8520 schematic and mouse repairing solution

  8. Ahaduddin says:

    Sir my blackberry strom 9530 is doesn’t turn on wen ever i put battery red light blinking plz give a solution

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